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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Little Augie bows out

Four score and seven years ago this night Messrs. Little Augie Orgen and Jack Diamond were walking together on the lower East Side. Diamond was a bootlegger, drug dealer and loft thief. The former a labor racketeer. They became pals through Arnold Rothstein and let each other in on their rackets. Diamond was letting Little Augie in on some dope deals and Orgen gave Diamond a labor contract which caused strife within his own gang. Not happy with their leader's new direction, Orgen's two lieutenants , Lepke Buchalter and Gurrah Shapiro, decided that they should be running the show. So as Augie and Diamond strolled and conversed a sedan laden with gunmen went on the prowl. When they caught sight of Orgen and Diamond, heck they knew where they were gonna be, the car slowed down behind them. A couple of guns stepped out and made their ways up behind the duo. One placed his gun behind Orgen's head and pulled the trigger, the gangleader's hat was blown into the air while its owner was blown into oblivion. Diamond turned and was shot in the stomach lest he try to intervene in any way. If they wanted him dead it would have been so. 
Little Augie

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