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Friday, October 10, 2014

Mandatory retirement for a boss

Mafia boss Salvatore D’Aquila, head of what would one day become the Gambino crime family, and said by his family to be a cheese importer, kept an appointment at his doctor’s office in Manhattan's East Village on this date back in 1928. Due to some health issues D’Aquila and his wife had been making the drive down from the Bronx every day at the same time. Supposedly he was fine but his wife still had some problems.

On the drive down his car acted funny so once at the doctor’s office he walked his wife and kids inside and then returned to the street to inspect the engine. According to a witness, D’Aquila was looking under his hood when three men approached him. The quartet conversed for a number of minutes then the conversation escalated into an argument. Suddenly the three men each drew a pistol and fired a total of nine shots into the gangster killing him.

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