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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Live by the gun, die know the rest.

On the evening of this date back in nineteen hundred and twenty-nine Philadelpia gangster Richard "Patsy" Morella was loitering in front of a store on Girard Avenue just east of Broad Street whence from the middle of Girard one gunman, said to be Sam Cohen, pulled out a pistol and began firing.

For some reason Patsy thought the shots were coming from inside the store he was standing in front of and turned and began to fire blindly into the shop. Using Patsy's confusion to his advantage, Cohen ran up and knock him to the ground with a blow to the head. Once Patsy was down, Cohen put his gun to the prone man's head and fired. Then he took off.

Cohen was arrested the following the day. Police say that Patsy was rubbed because he killed this guy.

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realtorleona said...

Richard was a 'Patsy' to fall for the distraction.