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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Goodbye Larry

At 2:00am on this date back in 1931 Cincinnati gangster Larry Coates had just left a camp on the outskirts of town. In the car with him was his father. They met outside of town because Larry was persona non grata in Cinncy. Why? Well for a number of reasons but mainly because a gun  found in his possession after an arrest in Florida was found by ballistic experts to have fired the bullets that killed another Southern Ohio gangster by the name of Jew John Marcus earlier that year. Coates beat it from Florida.

After the campground rendesvous, Coates was giving the old man a ride home in his high dollar sedan complete with bullet proof windows. However, if bullet proof windows are to be effective they must be rolled up. Being that this was a warm July night, Larry had his window down.

As they approached the city limits another car pulled up alongside them. Larry looked over and didn't care for what he saw and hit the gas. The other car did like wise and caught up. A shotgun, and possibly other guns, went off and Larry slumped over the wheel with shot in the back of his head, neck and shoulder. The elder Coates grabbed the wheel and managed to steer the car into an embankment.

Coates was rushed to the hospital After the crash senior Coates stood around waiting for help. After some time a cab pulled over saw the dying gangster and took off. Once back in town he called the cops who sent an ambulance. Coates was taken to the hospital where he lingered until shedding his mortal coil on July 28.


Anonymous said...

Manufacturer's warranty states: For use to deflect bullets, keep windows up. Note: This should be closely advised for gangsters on warm days in July. The owner's manual most not have been in the glove box.

Pat Downey said...

Yes, the Coates family didn't have much of a lawsuit on their hands.

John DuMond said...

Well, he did open the window because he wanted some ventilation... I guess he got a little more than he wanted.

Pat Downey said...

Yeah, I don't think he wanted to get that cold.