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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Yegg heads

Now I did a few things during my college years that in retrospect probably weren’t to smart. I suspect most of us have but getting shot in the head by cop because of my own stupid actions wasn’t one of them. Anyone else who can say that please step forward... Not so fast Edgar Cook.

On this date way back in aught eight (of the previous century that is) eighteen year old Edgar Cook and his pal, twenty-one year old Howard Cole, both students of Columbia University decided that some collegiate nonsense was in order. So instead of getting drunk and paddling each others asses or going on a panty raid they figured it would be funsies to break into a small sundries booth that sold soda, tobacco and candy located at 123rd Street and Riverside Drive.

So there the brainiacs were trying to break into this kiosk when a cop, officer Hurton, shows up. They see him and run off. Hurton fires a shot into the air and Cole freezes. Hearing the shot another cop runs up and grabs Cole while Hurton chases Cook. Hurton fires another warning shot. College boy continues to run. Hurton ends both the chase and Cook’s semester by drilling him in the back of the head with a third and final shot.

“It’s my fault,” Cook admitted while laying in his own blood. “I was a blamed fool to run.”

Yes you were Cook. As any hoodlum worth his salt would have told you. Cops back then would just as well shoot you as chase you.


John DuMond said...

"Cops back then would just as well shoot you as chase you."

Yeah, there wasn't much emphasis on cardio at police academies in those days. It was mostly shooting. And Pilates.

Pat Downey said...

Pilates? Is that Greek for shaking down brothels?