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Monday, May 5, 2014

Chivalry is dead, well actually the guy who practiced it is

Thirty-three year old “Big” John Comstock, who police described as a “Notorious swindler at the wire tapping game.” was killed on this date back in 1904 as a result of his coming to the aid of young lady.

During the evening of May 4, another West side gangster named William “Lefty Donnelly” Donlon, attacked a young woman and Comstock, along with a few other men came to her aid. Afterwards, Comstock retired to a saloon for the evening. At 8:30 the following morning Comstock was still sitting at the bar ( an enviable life) when “Lefty Donnelly” entered and shot him twice. Unfortunately for “Lefty” two cops were nearby and arrested him as he tried to leave. Fortunately for "Lefty" “Big” John adhered to that old gangster code and died later that evening refusing to name Donlon as his killer.


John DuMond said...

I'll bet his doctor told him that spending so much time in bars would shorten his life. I guess he just didn't know by how much.

Pat Downey said...

Everything in moderation...apparently that goes for being a nice guy too.