Arrest of Francis 'Two Gun' Crowley

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Monday, May 19, 2014


At 4:30 am on this date in 1930, Patrolman Henry Steger was walking his beat in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn. He approached the police box at Gardner and Meeker Avenues to report in to his station and there waiting for him, one on top of the other, were the bodies of 26-year old Anthony Calderone and 29-year old Salvatore Tavolino. At first he thought they were victims of a hit and run but his flashlight soon showed the bullet holes in their backs and necks. There was no blood at the scene and both men were from Manhattan so police determined that they had been killed in the city and brought over to Brooklyn to be dumped. At some point prior to his murder Calderone had done some shooting himself because a gun was found on his person with three shots missing. One reason for the shooting may have been revenge. Calderone and Tavolino were involved with six other men in a robbery and both men were released while the others were convicted so they may have been put on the spot for possibly squealing

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