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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Somebody's getting coal for Christmas

Twas eighty-seven years and one day ago this morning at 3:00am when a patrolman was walking his beat in Harlem and a large touring car sped past him. He immediately blew his whistle and the car came to a stop. As the officer approached the auto the door opened and what looked like a bundle of laundry was tossed out. As the cop ran up the car sped off. What looked like a bundle of laundry turned out to be thirty-four year old Dominick Alvero. in addition to two other bullet holes elsewhere he had been shot four times in the head.

After the dumping of Alvero, the gangsters went to an all night diner where they explained to the driver that one of the perks of being a gangster is that you don't have to stop the car just because a cop blows his whistle. Especially when you have a dead guy in the back seat.

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