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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rest in Peace? I think not.

It would appear that graveyards were dangerous places back in the days when girls were girls, men were men and the old La Salle ran great.
First we have a well dressed man pushing another well dressed man into a grave. Seeing that the man is bound and gagged we will assume that he was buried alive and died a horrible death.
This one isn't so easy to figure out. Apparently Leslie Nielsen rose from the grave only to be machine gunned; Frank Drebin: Dead And Not Loving it. How and why he got there we don't know. Perhaps the Shadow does, or at least the Phantom Detective who seems to watch bad things happen to men in cemeteries without helping. The good old days weren't all good my friends.


John DuMond said...

What's really frustrating is that the Phantom Detective was on overtime while he was just watching all this mayhem. Your tax dollars (not) at work.

Pat Downey said...

It's the masks. All Phantom Detectives wear them so the bad ones know they'll never get busted.