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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Little shop of horrors

In the fall of 1926 Eugenio Orgento opened a quaint little shop. It wasn’t stated what Orgento's store sold but most customers were interested in what could be found behind the counter as opposed to the shelves.  In the four months that he was in business Eugenio received numerous liquor violations.

Ah, but competition can be fierce in the racket they called alky and, on this date, eighty-seven years ago Eugenio was put out of business for good. The building’s janitor was making his rounds and as he performed his duties in Orgento’s  quaint little shop, there, in the rear, he found Eugenio's body in pool of blood as the proprietor had been stabbed to death.


John DuMond said...

It was probably his "No refunds, all sales are final" policy that got him killed. No one told poor Eugenio that the customer is always right.

Pat Downey said...

Not only was the customer right, but also deadly.