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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The things you find when walking the beat

A couple of cops were walking along Thompson street on this date back in 1930 when who should they happened to stumbled upon? None other than Gabriel Nucci, 49-year old leader of the "Thompson Street gang". Who were they? Who knows, according to police they were a minor black hand unit.

Anyways there was Nucci lying on the sidewalk with bullets in his belly and back. The cops took him to St. Vincent's where he refused to say anything about the shooting. It was obvious that the end was near so they sent in a priest to administer the last rites but Nucci didn't want anything to do with him either so had him removed. He died the next morning...Nucci, not the priest.

Police guessed that the shooting was the result of either, the Thompson Street gang encroaching on another gangs territory or perhaps revenge because of a murder for which Nucci had been acquitted. The DGIS staff has a sneaky suspicion that Vito Genovese has the answers.


gene said...

Nowadays they rat if they hurt finger during pin prick of initiation ceramoney. "Your honor, I have to becoem an informant, and i am suing for use of an unsterilized needle dring my induction ceramoney. Also, the burning of saints picture hurt! (Todays hood starts blabbering and crying helplesssly) They ain't making them like Nucci anymore.

Pat Downey said...

With books and movies there is more money in talking these days.