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Monday, February 21, 2011

Aces draws the ace of spades

Four score and no more years ago tonight John "Aces" Mazza did enter a restaurant looking for some familiar faces. Seeing them not he ventured back into the night where two un-friendly faces were waiting for him. The duo opened fire on young Mr. Mazza (only 20) who produced his own barking iron (more mature than he at .45) and returned their greetings.

The murderous duo had both the element of surprise and better aim resulting in Aces collapsing in front of the restaurant. A religious man, Mazza was wearing some medals of the ecclesiastic variety one of which read "St. Joseph patron of the grace of a happy death. Protect me." It would appear that St. Joseph had the night off.


Don said...


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John D. said...

Perhaps if the medal were larger, it could have deflected the bullets.

Pat Downey said...

Don- Thank you. Good luck with the tours.

John - I think he would have needed the St. Joseph suit of armor. Effective yet hard to walk in.