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Friday, February 4, 2011

Scarface — Boris Karloff's last strike

Life at the DGIS Institute can be challenging. When not hunkered down in research there is always an old monster movie that needs watching. Occasionally we get to incorporate the two.

Two days ago marked the forty-second anniversary of the passing of Boris Karloff, though famous as a star of the horror pictures (as my grand daddy used to say) Boris also played the roll of Bugs Moran/Hymie Weiss, err I mean Gaffney, the Northside crime boss to Paul Muni's Scarface.

So a belated tip of the hat today to Mr. Karloff


John D. said...

Great movie. I have that one on VHS.

Pat Downey said...

Yeah, a lot of good tommy gun business going on it that one.

gene said...

In scene where they are packing guns, it sounds like Karloff drops a cetain word that starts with 'F" and rhymes with 'Truck."

Pat Downey said...

Fruck?...will watch for it next time.

larry said...

I missed it in movie, caught talk of it on movie site, noticed it next time I saw it.

Oh fruck, I also posted as Gene, old account alias in previous post.

Boris should have been been given more gangster roles. He was scarier without Frankensein makeup anyway.