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Monday, January 24, 2011

Barrel of wine fruit of the vine

Ninety years ago today a couple of cops were walking the beat when they heard four gunshots. Entering the building from where the shots were heard they found Dominick Ponto leaning against the wall. Not thinking that Ponto was seriously wounded they took him to the police station for questioning instead of the hospital.

The wounded man told the police that he and another guy, whom he refused to name, got into an argument over ten barrels of wine. Ponto said they were his and the other guy claimed owner ship. Ponto went on to say that the man had threatened to shoot him so he got a gun. When the two came together Ponto drew first and fired (the first three shots the police heard) his adversary then drew his gat and fired back.

With that Ponto collapsed. The police then figured it might be a good idea to get him to the hospital. Unlike the Glimmer Twins, time was not on Ponto's side. He yielded ownership of the wine for good two hours later.

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