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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Doyle's last meal

John "Jocko" Doyle was a career criminal with fourteen arrest and three convictions under his belt. Though the latter were for burglary and assault with intent to kill, it was his entrance into the drug trade that police believed was the reason for Jocko being rubbed out on this date back in 1932.

At the time of his demise Jocko was out on bail for a hold up in Philadelphia. He had a history in the City of Brotherly love as a beer runner and gunman. Of late though he apparently was pushing some brown sugar in Manhattan which ruffled some feathers. So much so that whilst he was chowing down at some eatery a couple of mugs came in and gave him seven bullets for dessert.


John D. said...

Inconsiderate thugs. Couldn't even wait until he'd tipped his waitress.

Pat Downey said...

Hopefully they left a little something for the busboy who had to mop up.