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Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Avenue I'm taking you to

Happy New Year from the DGIS Institute. What a fine New Year's Eve we had last night. The bubbly was flowing and a swinging time was had by all. At midnight we went outside and banged pots and pans until the police showed up. Then we went inside and watched the 1933 version of 42nd Street. During the the final number some intern who hadn't been indulging noticed that at the 2:58 mark a drunk stumbles out of a speakeasy called "The Hotsy-Totsy club".

What does that mean to us? Well the Hotsy Totsy club was the name of Mr. Legs Diamond's New York City drinking hole where less than four years before this movie premiered a couple of fellers were put on the spot. So take a gander fer yerself. I suggest watching the whole movie if you get the chance. Chock full of tough talkin dames with swell gams.


Alana said...

swell indeed, if 42nd street was still like this it would be worth going on New Year's Eve.

Pat Downey said...

If you look close enough you can also see and Applebees and a marquee for the Lion King.


Happy Asbestos to us all!