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Monday, August 18, 2008

Greased is the word

Summmer killing eighteen loud bla-a-a-ast, summer killing it happened so fa-a-ast... Death cruised into Little Italy on this day back in 1931 when Joseph Cigna and Anthony Justiano were brought down in a hail of lead. Wellawellawell Huh tell me more, tell me more. How old was each guy. Tell me more tell me more. Are they both gonna die? Uh huh, uh huh...Twenty-one year old Cigna and twenty-five year old Justiano were standing on a corner with about eight other guys when four men approached the group and drew pistols. Both Cigna and Justiano seemed to know that they were the targets because they both took off down the street followed by the gunmen who let loose a barrage of gunfire. Wellawellawella huh, tell me more tell me more. Did they get very far? Tell me more tell me more. Was there a getaway car?..uh huh uh huh. One of the victims tried to make it into a tenement but dropped dead while the other was felled in front of another building. The gunmen were exceptional shots because the autopsies showed that Cigna was hit by eight bullets and Justiano by ten. The shooters disappeared on foot. But oh, those hot summer Ni-hiiiites....Tell me more, tell me more tell me mo-o-o-ore....

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