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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Death Wish VI: The prequel

Just as Charles Bronson got fed up with crime and decided to mete out his own brand of justice so to did Gaetano Cricchio, a 5o-year old proprietor of a family pastry shop, take the law into his own hands. On August 7, 1934 the baker received a letter from a small time racketeer named Joe Caputo that said he would be stopping in the coming Saturday August 11, to collect $40 and that if he didn't have it it would "land you or some of your family in the cemetery." On the appointed day Caputo arrived, Cricchio's 25-year old daughter was in the shop and the hoodlum made some improper advances towards her while her father nervously tried to explain that he couldn't afford the shake down. Turning his attention to the elder Cricchio, Caputo stuck his hand in his pocket and demanded the money. With shaky hands the baker handed over the dough. Caputo took it and turned his back on the baker and began counting. While he did so Cricchio drew a .25 pistol and fired four shots in the thugs back. That was the last thing Caputo expected which was evident by the shocked look on his face when he turned to look his executioner who fired another shot into his chest. Five slugs heavier Caputo collapsed on his face. Not yet satisfied the baker leaned over the counter and fired a sixth shot into the back Caputo's head. The police showed up and found the dazed baker standing over the dead gangster while his daughter sobbed. The police said that Cricchio deserved medal for ridding society of a character like Caputo but laws being what they are instead of celebrated he was arrested for both homicide and gun possession.

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