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Friday, August 15, 2008

DGIS Weekend Extra

Tomorrow, August 16, marks the passing of two iconic figures and we here at the DGIS studio would like to take a moment to remember the two most important DGIC (Dead Guys in Capes ) of the 20th Century. As most people know Elvis died on this date thirty one years ago but what most people don’t know is that twenty one years before that the world lost its original most famous caped icon; Bela Lugosi. That’s right Dracula himself cashed in his chips August 16, 1956.

The similarities between the two stars doesn’t end there either. You thought that the Lincoln –Kennedy coincidences were eerie just examine these facts:

1- Bela Lugosi was the king of horror until he was usurped by a Brit. One William Henry Pratt, better known as Boris Karloff. Elvis was the king of rock until usurped by four Brits*, those lovely lads from Liverpool , Freddie & The Dreamers.
2- Bela died in 1956. Elvis’s career was born in 1956.
3- Bela was born in Hungary and in his last years Elvis was always hungry
4- They both wore capes.
5- Bela played a carny in Murders in the Rue Morgue, Elvis played a carny in Roustabout.
6- Both have two vowels in their first name
7- Both had sex with Marilyn Monroe in the White house
8- Bela drove a Presley and Elvis drove a Lugosi
9- Bela shot heroin. Elvis shot tvs
10- Bela made “the Black Cat”. Elvis was a Black Belt

You can’t make this Dead Guys in Suits copyrighted material up folks. Just try to sleep tonight knowing what you now know.

* BTW, shave and a hair cut? Thats two Brits.

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