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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

You should be dancing yeah.

In addition to dancing in the lower end vaudeville and burlesque houses Rocco Casano was also a low level thug for the Morello – Terranova gang who sided with fellow gangster Charley Baker when the latter accused Callogero Morello and Joseph Polizzi of being traitors and killed them.*
Those loyal to Morello sought revenge and ninety-six years ago today four of them took a cab to a house in the Bronx where they knew Rocco would be at. There was some construction going on in the area and so the gunmen hid behind some building materials waiting for Casano to appear. When Casano came out of the abode four shots rang out and the dancer dropped to the sidewalk dead as his slayers waltzed away.

Gangster City owners can check out page 107 for another dose of "Ooh they got me."

* Gangster City readers can also check out pg 32-33 for more info on this battle

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