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Monday, June 9, 2008

Out of the doorway the bullets rip...

On this date in 1913 Joseph Balcamo met his death in typical Little Italy style. While walking down the street a man popped out of a doorway and shot him twice and then fired two more into him after he was down.
A cop who was nearby ran over at the sound of the first shots and managed to squeeze off a few rounds of his own at the killer as the gunman made his way back into the doorway. Just as the officer was taking aim for a final shot an Italian man ran up and grabbed his arm yelling, "My brother, my brother!" Spoiling the Patrolman's shot. The gunman was then able to make his way to the top of the tenement and escape via the roof tops of the adjoining buildings. The man said he was referring to the victim when he grabbed the officer and cried, "My brother." but when he was told to go to the hospital to make a statement he never showed up leading one to believe that he was with the shooter and did his part in making sure that the killer escaped.

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