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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Plugged for my plug

80-years ago today Edward Jerge was driving up Broadway with a female acquaintance when they were stopped by a red light. As they were waiting for the light to change a sedan pulled up next to them and a one of the four men inside stepped out of the car onto the running board of Jerge’s car and fired three shots through the window into Jerge’s neck. As the bullets poured into Jerge, splinters of glass cut into his girlfriend’s face as she dove for the floor. After the third shot, the gunman opened Jerge’s door and fired three more shots into him, one in the abdomen and two in the back when he fell over. The killer then stepped back into his sedan, which sped him to safety. Who was Jerge and why was he executed with such extreme prejudice? The answers can be found in my new book Bad Seeds in the Big Apple: Bandits, Killers & Chaos in New York City 1920-1940.

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