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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The importance of house inspections

Back in December 1930, Federal agents raided a large still that was managed by "Jew" John Marcus, described as one of Southern Ohio's "toughest all around racketeers in criminals life."Marcus had ties to the Cincinnati underworld as well as Detroit. However once his still was raided his business associates weren't to happy with him. In fact, it appears that they were quite displeased and Marcus disappeared.

Ever since the raid authorities were searching for Marcus assuming that he went into hiding. That all changed on this date back in 1931 when a couple went to inspect a house that the were considering buying. The house had been vacant since the previous August when it was raided and another still destroyed. After their first visit the prospective buyers learned about the raid and that there were a few hidden rooms in the basement that they had missed on their first visit, so went back to investigate.

They found the hidden rooms and propped up against a wall in a sitting positions was Marcus, or what was left of him anyways. See, he'd been there for awhile. His arms were tied behind him with picture wire, and his legs were trussed up with wire that was then wrapped around his neck. He also had a gag in his mouth. There was one bullet hole in his skull above what used to be his right eye. Since he'd been there for a number of weeks and "mice had been at him", positive identification was made from a label in his suit and some letters that were still in his coat. A stain leading to a nearby drain indicated that he had been killed there.


John DuMond said...

Well, at least the house didn't have termites.

Pat Downey said...

I'd prefer the dead guy over termites myself. I think the city probably removes dgis for free.