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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pharaoh's curse

On this date in 1929 twenty-six year old James Rocco was hanging out with four other guys at a joint in Queens known as the Pharaoh Social Club. While the five men were discussing whatever it was that men inside the Pharaoh Social Club discussed, three other fellows entered and asked if any of them knew the address of a guy named James Marino. None of the men had heard of Marino so the trio left. The question about Marino was just a ruse however because the men were just checking to see if Rocco was on the premises. Once they knew their target was inside each man drew a gun and the trio re-entered the club with guns-a-blazing in Herr Rocco's direction. Rocco dropped dead with three bullets in him as the gunmen ran out to a waiting car and sped off.

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