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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Paul is Dead

Paul Robinson was a Los Angeles gangster, whom police believed was involved in some sort of  gangland feud. This belief stemmed from the fact that Robinson's bullet riddled corpse was found in a recently dug ditch near a San Mateo golf course.

Police determined that Robinson had been killed in San Francisco and his body taken to the golf course and dropped into the ditch. (I suspect a "hole in one" joke is applicable here so if you have one, by all means leave it in the comments) After Robinson's body was deposited his slayers fired ten more shots into him. The dead man's auto was then parked near San Francisco's Presidio district and set on fire.


Anonymous said...

Burying a corpse filled with lead? They showed a marked lack of concern for the purity of the local drinking water supply. I guess those guys really were villains. You know, in addition to the whole murder thing.

BTW, rumor has it that witnesses said that prior to disappearing, Robinson had told them he wasn't "feeling up to par."

Pat Downey said...

Gangsters didn't seem to be very environmentally conscience did they.
Extra points for the golf joke.