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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Even gunmen make mistakes

Eighty-seven years ago today Henry Keller stepped out of a store on Chicago's South Street. He pulled up his collar around his face and braced himself for the cold. Little did Henry know the weather wasn't his only problem. After a few steps a shot rang out and Henry fell to the street with a slight wound to his leg. He looked up and saw a man and woman, an attractive woman at that, standing over him. A smoking gun was in the man's hand...

Was Henry about to get the coup de' grace?
Had Henry double crossed this duo?
Was yet another Chicago hoodlum going to make the front pages for being the victim of a grisly murder?

At this time we would like to inform the reader that Henry Keller was in no way involved with the Chicago underworld, in fact Henry was a night watchman.

As Henry lay on the sidewalk with a bullet wound to the leg looking up at those who had shot him the woman took a closer look at Henry.

"My goodness, that isn't the man!" She blurted out.
"Excuse us." Said the gunman as he and the woman ran off.


We here at the DGIS Institute realize you probably made the trip here to read about a DGIS and to show our appreciation would like to mention that on the same day that Henry Keller received his wound, Chicago police did find a"Well dressed man" with a bullet in his head just outside of town on the road to Bensonville. Because of his fancy clothes and the fact that he had a nice bankroll on him  police believed he, unlike Henry Keller, was probably an underworld sort.

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