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Friday, August 1, 2014

The Guns of August

   Tony Marino AKA Dominic Russo, we are told, hooked up with Al Capone when Al was serving a sentence in Philadelphia for carrying a concealed weapon. The two hit it off and Al brought Tony back to Chicago when their sentences were up and put him to work in Cicero running some things. What could be better for a hoodlum. The most powerful criminal in America likes you and puts you to work in his domain.
Fast forward a couple of years.

Big Al is prison, your benefactor is gone.

On this date in 1933 Tony sat in his car, parked outside of a garage when a slow moving sedan drove by and three machine gunners raked his car with bullets killing him. Or did that happen? There is at least one report that stated Marino was standing in front of the garage when a number of men came out of the garage and fired numerous bullets into his back and head. We will leave it up to you to decide what happened to Tony.


Anonymous said...

I know (waving hand in the air vigorously). He was shot and died from his wounds. In the car or standing is negligible. I'm glad to get that of my chest. Whew!

Pat Downey said...

Hmm, the judges weren't expecting a philosophical out of ten judges accept the answer. You get to pick a treat out of the treasure box.

Anonymous said...

7 out of 10? I thought I paid those 3 people off. Hmmmmm