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Monday, August 4, 2014

Over There

One hundred years ago today Germany invaded Belgium on their way to France. Doing so brought Britain into what, by the end of the week, would be WWI. At this point every soldier's uniform was still clean and they were all hoping for a little adventure assuming that the war would be over by Christmas. Not realizing that this:
Would become this:


John DuMond said...

That was the first "War to end all wars." Not to be confused with those that followed.

Pat Downey said...

I believe the original label was "The war to end all wars until the next one comes along." but they just cut it down to "War to end all wars." to save time. You know, why say Jennifer Lopez when you can simply say JLO

Anonymous said...

" And they won't come back until it's over, over there. . ." For these guys we can shorten this phrase too.

Pat Downey said...

Them and about 10,000,000 others.