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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Pop, Pop, Pop Egan

London, Paris, Frankfurt, Cleveland everyone talk about Pop Egan. Talk about, Pop Egan. Talk about...

John “Pop” Egan had been out of Sing Sing for four months when he was sleeping in the rear of Samuel Zournagian’s grocery store (which police said also doubled as a gang hangout) on this date back in 1927.

At about 9:15 pm three fellas came into the rear of the building and woke Pop up. As the ex-con was rising one of them drew a pistol and popped Pop twice in the head.

Pop went back to sleep.

Two men, James Durkin and Thomas “Scrub” Morrissey, were both subsequently arrested for the murder but both were acquitted June 19, 1928 for lack of evidence.

Wonder why they woke him up first?


John DuMond said...

"Wonder why they woke him up first?"

They were sadists. Killing a guy is bad enough, but waking him from a sound and restful sleep? That's just wrong!

Pat Downey said...

Guess they're called bad guys for a reason.