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Friday, April 11, 2014

All in a day's work

 One hundred years ago today, at 5:30p.m., officer Hughes was standing on the corner of 116th and First Ave.when a woman came up to him and said a gang had just stole her purse. Hughes followed her back and she identified one of the gang -Louis Pietro- as one of those who had robbed her and Hughes grabbed him.

Within a couple of moments Pietro's confederates started pelting Hughes with rocks and anything else that could be used for a missile. Then Pietro's gang mates attacked the officer and took his nightstick and freed their pal who took off running into a six story tenement.

Hughes pulled away from the mob and chased Pietro up the six flights to the roof and caught him just as he was trying to jump onto a fire escape. A good old fashioned Hollywood type brawl ensued as cop and robber duked it out on the roof. Each one getting the better of the other. After a bit Hughes finally subdued Pietro and dragged him down the six flights of stairs. Back on the side walk Pietro's boys once again started to pelt the officer with bricks & whatnot. (whatnots really hurt by the way)

Having enough Hughes pushed Pietro up against the wall and pulled out his pistol and held the other gang members at bay. Fortunately during the melee somebody in the neighborhood called the police and soon the gong of a paddy wagon could be heard approaching.

One of the gang members slipped out of the crowd and pushed the stolen purse back into the original owner's hands and everyone took off, save Pietro who was taken to the station.


Sapper Joe said...

The good old days when cops were real men and not afraid to get some abuse to bring in a bad guy! I would love to see some more Officers Hughes.


PS, if I have never posted before, I love your prose of your entries. Excellent work and keep it up. In many ways, it reminds me of one of my local crime-fighting newspapers, the St Louis Evening Whirl.

John DuMond said...

I'll second Sapper Joe's sentiments about Officer Hughes. He really earned his pay that day.*

*Unlike the Phantom Detective, who just stood by and watched the entire incident from his spectral vantage point.

Pat Downey said...

Sapper - Thank's for the kind words. Glad you enjoy the blog.

John - The Phantom Detective could have learned a thing or two from Officer Hughes.

Anonymous said...

Officer Hughes was definitely a man's man. Who needs the Marlboro man? Pa-shaw!