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Friday, July 20, 2012

Losing their milk money to bullies

Twas ninety-two-years ago today that two bandits liberated nearly ten grand from the Borden Milk Company’s Westside operation, located at 400 West 29th Street. As was custom, the branch superintendent, Bill Thieler, went to the company's stables across the street and got a company buggy and brought it up to the Borden building. Once the buggy arrived company cashier, Bill Fowler, stepped out of the building with a tin box containing $9,853 in cash and another $600 in checks.

As Fowler approached the buggy a passing pedestrian grabbed him and, placing his hand over Fowler's mouth, pushed the cashier up against a railing. Fowler then felt a gun against his belly. Simultaneously another man trained a pistol on Thieler and grabbed the cash box from the Fowler's hand.

The gunmen then ran a short distance down the street, waving their pistols at any would be heroes, and jumped into a Ford and made their getaway. The milk employees stood by helpless with their horse and buggy. Technology favors the criminal.


John D. said...

"Technology favors the criminal."

All too true. If they'd had a Gatling gun in the back of their buggy, the milkmen might have been able to turn the tables.

Pat Downey said...

Further more, if they had the Gatlin Bros. operating the Gatling gun, they could have turned the tables and been treated to some good family entertainment.