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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Big Curly's final countdown

Has it been ninety-nine years already? Well, ok, here's the story one more time, it was hot, like now, and we were all on our stoops. Us kiddies were playing while the adults lounged around. One of the loungers was Big Curly Guargadatti. We all knew he boxed but we also knew that he dabbled in some nefarious enterprises. Just another hot, summer evening in Little Italy until somebody walked up and fired two bullets into Big Curly's heart. Big Curly went to the boxing ring in the sky and the killer escaped through the myriad of us playing kids and lounging adults. Sure the cops came and asked questions, but of course we didn't see anything, we were to busy playing and lounging.


Rod Foglio said...

99 years ago? That makes you, like 106.

Pat Downey said...

107 but who's counting. time to train for the decatholon.