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Friday, May 11, 2012

Smoked at a smoker

In the Brownsville section of Brooklyn a war was going on between gangsters vying for control of the laundry racket. The head of one of the warring factions was “Doggy” (Augie?) Ginsberg.

And on this date back in Nineteen Hundred and Twenty Five (I just can't get enough of that sweet stuff. Whoa, oh I, oh oh I) a “smoker” was held by the Durant Social club of East New York and “Doggy” Ginsberg was one of the two hundred men in attendance. As the show was about to get underway Ginsberg suddenly let out a groan and keeled over.

Turns out, Mr. Ginsburg had been shot in the head and left breast by a pistol equipped with a silencer. Nobody moved as three gunmen made their way to “Doggy” and, as they stepped over him, one of the gunmen reached down and took something out of the dead man's pocket. The trio of killers then exited the dining hall.

Before they got into their cars, Hyman Jacobson, a Ginsberg man, ran out after them and the gunmen fired a volley in his direction. One bullet smashed into Jacobson’s heart killing him.

When the police arrived they found Jacobson dead out front and “Doggy” inside. Fifteen men who had not run away were questioned and it was through them that the police got the news about the “wet wash war”.


John D. said...

I guess that's what you get for ignoring the Surgeon General's warning about smoking.

Pat Downey said...

Indeed. I believe that after this murder most gangsters opted for the no smoking section.