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Friday, May 4, 2012

Killo de Mayo

Need something to talk about over margaritas and salsa this Cinco de Mayo? If you see that someone special and need an ice breaker simply say: " Did you know that on May 3, 1903 strife hit the Cherry Hill section of Manhattan when William "Billy Argument" McMahon and other members of the Cherry Hill mob beat up a rival member of Monk Eastman's gang named Patrick "Paddy the snake" Shea?"

If that certain someone seems interested continue with:

"The beating Shea received was bad enough to send him to the hospital where he was questioned by police about who did it. A consummate gangster, "Paddy the snake" told the police, "I ain't no squealer, not me. When I get out of the hospital I will attend to this matter myself and maybe I won't do a little six shooting."

If they haven't excused themselves by now, conclude with:

"Two days later, that's 109-years ago today, Shea was out of the hospital and staking out McMahon's apartment and when the latter emerged "Paddy the snake" came up behind him and "blew the top of his head off.", (take a dip of salsa for effect.) "and after his round of "six shooting" Shea fled to Philadelphia where he was captured in late July and extradited back for trial. While on the stand Shea admitted to the murder but said it was self-defense claiming that if he didn't get "Billy Argument" first, Billy would have gotten him. "

Trust me, drop a story like that and you are in like Flynn. You can thank me Monday.

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