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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The origin of NIMBY

Joseph Madonia aka, Giuseppi Ferraro, was involved in both policy and a bakers union racket. It was said that if bakers didn't buy flour from vendors designated by Madonia they could expect damage to both their property and themselves. Madonia, 45, lived in Brooklyn where he also had a macaroni and bread store. At a little after midnight on this date back in 1931, a Queens resident heard what she said could have been a gunshot or a car back firing. It was the former. The next morning another Queens resident found Madonia in his back yard with a single bullet wound to his left temple.


John D. said...

My theory is that he tried to expand his racket to the unions for butchers and candlestick makers. You don't mess with those guys.

Pat Downey said...

A sure way to get rub-a-dub-dubbed out.