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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mad Men

Eighty-five years agao today Samuel Raplansky, a thirty-year old member of a gang called the Madison Street Boys, was hanging out at the mobs HQ, aptly named, the Madison Street Boys club. At about 10:00 pm Sam split for a while. He returned around midnight and as he entered the foyer a number of shots rang out. The club was crowded and a number of the Madison Street boys, including Sam's brother Harry, rushed into the hall and found Sam in heap with bullet wounds to the left eye, chin and body. Harry and some others put Sam in a cab and rushed him to the hospital. All was for naught however as Sam had been killed instantly.


John D. said...

I guess that's what happens when a 30 year old is still hanging around a "boys club."

Pat Downey said...

Perhaps they had a children of the corn type policy. Once you hit a certain age...