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Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday night is all right for fighting

Nintey-one years ago tonight a large group of guys and dolls were lining the stairwell of a lower eastside building waiting to get into a night club on the third floor. As the band was getting ready to play, a couple of shots rang out and the throng of people ran helter-skelter into the streets. One man, Michael Dimesci, traipsed across the street and dropped dead with a bullet in the heart.

The police sent officers to all the hospitals in the area to see if anyone else showed up. Within the hour Brooklyn mobster Frankie Uale stumbled into one with a bullet wound to the lung. Uale said he just happened to be walking by the club when the shooting took place and had no idea what it was about. Police later asserted that they believe the Brooklyn Mafioso was the intended target and that Dimesci may have been an innocent bystander.

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