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Monday, October 10, 2011

A boss is removed.

On this date in 1928 Mafia boss Salvatore D’Aquila, said by his family to be a cheese importer, was at a doctor’s office in the East Village. While his family was inside, he returned to the street to inspect the engine of his car. According to a witness, D’Aquila was looking under his hood when three men approached him. The quartet conversed for a number of minutes. The conversation escalated into an argument. Suddenly, the three men drew pistols and fired a total of nine shots into the gangster killing him.


Tom Hunt said...

Funny thing about the account of D'Aquila's last moments: The story about three men approaching D'Aquila while he was checking out his auto, an argument ensuing and the three men opening fire... the New York Times said that came from druggist Louis Realbuto. A day later, Realbuto stated that he actually saw nothing at all, his clerk saw nothing, Realbuto insisted he wasn't even in his drugstore at the time of the shooting. I've never seen any part of an official investigation of the D'Aquila murder (other than the death certificate). It would be interesting to see what official statements - if any - the police were able to gather.

Pat Downey said...

That's interesting Tom. Do you think the Times made it up, or possibly, did Realbuto decide to recant for his own protection?

Tom Hunt said...

You know, it is possible that the Times reporter interviewed someone at the drugstore and assumed it was Realbuto, but I think this was a case of the witness deciding to forget.