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Monday, October 24, 2011

A Bad Seed Buys it.

Back on this date in 1935 newspapers were filled with stories regarding the shooting of Dutch Schultz and his cohorts in a Newark tavern. Across town a small time hood named Al Stern, was found dead in a cheap boarding house.

Since he was found in the same city where the Schultz massacre took place, right away it was assumed that he some how played a part in the killings. Some papers erroneously stated that he was the gunman who mowed down the Dutchman and his confederates while others said that he may have been the man who acted as a spotter for the killers and was killed himself afterwards. The true story on Stern can be found in Bad Seeds in the Big Apple.


Alana said...

was on and poppin as the youngins say..

Pat Downey said...

I thought the youngins said, "twenty-three skidoo?"