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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Eighty-eight years ago today and doctor was in his lower Manhattan office doing what doctors back then did when a taxi pulled up outside. A couple of hard looking mugs got out and helped a third fella into his office. He was Louis Tobynan aka Tubby.

Tubby's hoodlum pals deposited him in the doctor's office and beat feet. The doctor, who worked on the right side of the law. Called the police and told them he was bringing a shooting victim to the hospital.

Tubby was still conscious when the detectives arrived at the hospital. As they approached him he said, "You guys get away from me. You ought to know that there isn't a chance of my telling you who did this. If you want to do anything for me, get me a good doctor."

Seeing that the victim wasn't gonna help the detective in charge produced a magic eightball from under his coat and asked, "What happened to Tubby?"then gave it a good shake. Emerging from the green liquid were the words "Gang Feud". It was good enough for the detectives so it is good enough for us.


lee dumett said...

i bought your new book on legs diamond, and i think its excellent.

Pat Downey said...

Thank you and thank you!