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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo - Irish style

Was May 3, back in 1903 when William "Billy Argument" McMahon (gee wonder what kind of disposition he had) and some of his Cherry Hill mob came up on one Patrick "Paddy the Snake" Shea (I'm sure they meant snake in a good way) said to be a Monk Eastman man. Anyways Mr. Argument and his cronies gave the Snake a sound thrashing. Such was the beating that Paddy was taken to the hospital.

While recuperating the police arrived and questioned Paddy about the attack. They should have saved their breath. "I ain't no squealer, not me." Paddy told them, adding, "When I get out of the hospital I will attend to this matter myself and maybe I won't do a little shooting."

Two days later the snake was out and staking out Billy Argument's apartment. When Billy came out Paddy walked up behind him and "blew the top of his head off."

After the round of six shooting the Snake fled to Philadelphia where he was captured in July. On the stand he plead self defense claiming the Billy Argument would have killed him first.

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