Arrest of Francis 'Two Gun' Crowley

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

I tell ya those cops were waiting for us!

At 11:00pm on this date back in 1922. Four young gunmen entered the area of Morris Avenue in the Bronx known as the chicken market. The gunmen, lets call them Mr. Pink, Mr. White, Mr. Brown and Mr. Blue pulled up by the Kowalsky Brothers poultry shop located at no. 465. Leaving the engine running, they hopped out with their caps pulled down over their eyes and entered the shop.

Little did the gunmen know but half a dozen detectives were watching them. Somehow they got word that there was going to be a robbery in the poultry market so took up positions in doorways around the area.

As the bandits entered the store they each pulled a black mask over their face and pulled out guns. The Kowalskys raised their hands and were herded to the rear of the store while Mr. Pink grabbed 900 clams from the register then yelled, "Beat it".

Confident that they made a successful heist the foursome sauntered out of the store and made their way to their sedan. Just before they got to the doors however the detectives closed in on them and fired a few shots yelling for them to halt.

The bandits threw themselves against the car and opened fire on the detectives who, out numbering the hoodlums, rained some heavy lead down them. After some exchanges Mr. Blue and Mr. Brown were on the sidewalk and a couple of the detectives were wounded. The lawmen, fearing that they would shoot each other, stopped firing. In the lull Mr. Pink jumped in the car and peeled out, taking the corner on two wheels as the detectives fired a volley in his direction. Taking advantage of the diversion Mr. White ran into the crowd and escaped on foot.

Messrs. Brown and Blue were taken to Fordham hospital where it was stated they probably would die...and now time for some K-Billy...

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