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Monday, October 18, 2010

Beer with a machine gun chaser

The DGIS autumnal recess is over and what a joy it was. We took the interns out for some pumpkin picking (nothing over six pounds; we don't want to anger the shareholders) a hayride and of course they got to split up into pairs and share a cup of apple cider. But now it is back to business.

Our welcome back story is that of John Kelly and Francis Smith. Seventy seven years ago this evening both men, the former, acting boss of some West side stevedores, were in a West side tavern hoisting a few West side pints. As the young men were enjoying their suds two men entered the establishment and stood guard by the door as a third man entered cradling a Thompson in his arms.

Kelly's intuition told him that he was to be the recipient of the .45 caliber telegram that was about to be delivered so he bolted for the rear door. Just in time as three bullets plowed into Smith's chest. Kelly ran through the swinging doors just as the gunner sent a burst in his direction. The blast splintered the door and one of the shots hit the saloon keeper in the side and one found a home in Kelly's arm.

The hit squad took a powder and an ambulance was called for the two wounded men, Kelly was dead. The cops pumped Kelly for info about the gunner: "Gee, he was a lousy shot." was all he gave them.

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