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Thursday, September 16, 2010

You say Hello, we say Goodbye.

Forty year old Nicolo Gruppuso, described by police as a “small time gangster”, was seated at a table in a Bowery eatery on this date back in 1935 enjoying a cup of coffee and a cigarette while waiting for some companions.

Around 11:00pm two men entered the crowded establishment. Nicolo saw them enter and put his cigarette and coffee to the side before standing up and extending a hand to greet them. One of the new comers took Nicolo's hand and the other drew a pistol and shot the “Small time gangster” directly in the face.

Mission completed the gunman dropped his weapon and hurried out of the restaurant. His accomplice however casually picked up the weapon and fired four more shots into the prostrate gangster before making his exit. (Seems to have been a wee bit personal)

An off duty cop was summoned and gave a futile chase as the two killers escaped.



Sounds like those gunman had a passive-aggressive competition thing going on.

Pat Downey said...

Indeed. Or perhaps one did not like the idea of wasting bullets. This was the Depression after all.