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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bugs is out

James Donovan, known around town as Bugs, was part owner in some New Jersey breweries. A lucrative business back in 1929. Rumor has it that NYC gangster Waxey Gordon was attempting to monopolize the Jersey beer racket and couldn't work out a monetary deal with Bugs and his confederates so resorted to bulletary deal.

Donovan had a sweety in Manhattan's Chelsea district and could be found at her digs quite often. The men assigned to kill him found this out so waited outside her apartment. Eighty-one years ago tonight Bugs kissed his honey goodbye and went out to his car. As he was starting it a sedan pulled up and ... well, you know.


John D. said...

They offered him a copy of Watchtower?

Pat Downey said...

Bullseye!! Yes, and he found that it filled a void in his life. He then sold his share of the breweries and donated that and his time to spreading the word.

lee dumett said...

waxey gordon had bugs killed. then he and his partners max hassell,and max greenberg took over his operation. he also squeezed out jay culhane, another nj big shot.

lee dumett said...


lee dumett said...
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lee dumett said...

grace mcdonald, that was bugs donovan's girl.