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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jack "Legs" Diamond

Greetings all. One of the nice benefits of my research has been corresponding with the descendants of some of the guys I've written about. Normally any communications take place after the book or article has been written but I'm trying to reverse the trend. I am currently writing a bio of Legs Diamond and would love to hear from anybody who was related directly, in-directly, not at all but your grandpa, grandma, mom or dad, great aunt or uncle etc. knew him or his cohorts. If you have any sort of connection to Legs Diamond, no matter how tenuous (Grandpa said that Legs bought ice cream for all the kiddies in Cairo NY...), and would be willing to chat with me please contact me:

Thank you.


Timothy said...

Hello everyone,, I am Timothy Diamond yes I am the great cousin of jack legs diamond,,, for his blood still flows,, my great aunt bernise diamond passed away in Florida a few years ago,,, Eddie diamond,, son Patrick diamond aka lil jack or we called him uncle Jackie,, but he was a cousin,, he died in 1998 in Florida as well,, that's enough for here,, just stopping by and showing my respect to my relatives,,, Timothy diamond,, in my immediate family I am only one to have kept the diamond name,, my email is,,

Timothy said...

I have some unseen pictures of jack legs diamond. Only been seen by friends n family. From 1928. I am also currently researching legs entire life my grandma diamond taught me a lot about him as well as my great aunt bernise. Jack's immediate cousins.I know pat downey is writing one on him as well. I now know majority of the secrets. I'm not writing this on any false or not going to settle with what sounds plausible. Facts only. America has a lot of history and it gets tangled with the writers thoughts instead of facts. Much respect to you pat downey. I guarantee you I now know more of family secrets than you can imagine. You probably think I'm a joke, but I have something that proves being a relative, my grandmother passed a few things of his to me as well. My great grandfather is jacks uncle he passed those items to my grandma and now I have them. Good luck with everything

Pat Downey said...

Looking forward to reading the personal stories and seeing the pics, Timothy. Sounds like you'll be able to bring a unique perspective to Jack's story.

Eat Fit said...

All very interesting. Im Dawn McLaughlin, daughter of John Patrick Diamond born March 17,25. Eddie Diamond's son aka Jackie. My father did not die in Florida as stated. He passed in Los Angeles. My grandmother Catherine (Kitty) died in 1959 in Hollywood Florida. I would be very interested to see any photos or info from Eddie, Legs or my father. I can be reached at thanks.

the golden gamer said...
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