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Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's a mistake

Went to Newark yesterday to check out the old Palace Chop House where Dutch Schultz and his boys were gunned down before it becomes a parking lot, which appears it could happen anytime as there was a wrecking machine parked right behind it. I can understand that non-gansterologist don't think places like this need to be presererved and the whole "progress" argument, but, from a strictly commercial aspect this is huge mistake. Like a lot of old city's Newark is basically dead. It is teeming with old boarded up buildings and they are trying to revitalize it. Which is why they should have saved this place as opposed to turning it into a 14 car parking lot. I was actually shocked at all the available parking in the area and don't understand the need for 14 more spots.

(Notice parking lot to extreme right)

I didn't realize until my visit how ideally located this building is. It is about a 6-10 minute walk from the train station. Four minutes from the New Jersey Center for Performing Arts and about six minutes from the Prudential center where the Devils play hockey. With some money and a little imagination this building could be restored and no doubt, with the proper marketing become a tourist attraction. Right around the corner is the old Robert Treat hotel where Schultz was staying at the time of his shooting, (now home to New Jersey Television) as well as the new Robert Treat hotel. If this place was refurbished it would be the only bar in the area, (I didn't notice any others in the neighborhood.) I would suspect that with two major entertainment venues, a high dollar hotel, and such close proximity to New York City, an enterprising entrepreneur could have made a killing. I can't believe Newark officials, who want their city to bounce back, could not see the opportunity here. Oh well, they will soon have another parking lot to go with the four I counted within a stone's throw of this building.

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