Arrest of Francis 'Two Gun' Crowley

Meet Kiki

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This quartet looks friendly enough, D'oh

On this date in the year that the Red Baron was shot down for good, Forty-year old Arnold Grunde was standing outside his saloon at 11:00pm. A car pulled up and four men got out. Each man drew a gun and fired a shot into Grunde. The gunmen got back into the car and took off. Rumor has it they went to a saloon and after a few drinks, one of the guys, whom was known as Charlie the Clairvoyant, went into a trance and repeated, "blog, internet, edit post" as a glob of drool hung down his chin. After thirty seconds one of his chums slapped him upside the head and he came out of it. "Did I say anything good?" He asked, "Nah, more jibberish dat don't mean nuttin', finish your suds."

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