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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Loose lips sinks snitch

With information provided by a snitch named Joseph Randazzo police raided an apartment and arrested a drug dealer named James Di Lorenzo who was said to be the top cocaine dealer in the city. Also arrested was Di Lorenzo’s brother in-law John Gravino who had a history of selling opium. Di Lorenzo was released on bail. Coincidentally 102 years ago today Randazzo was found in an east side saloon with twenty-two stab wounds. Actually, police didn't feel that it was a coincidence.


Old 1811 said...

Twenty stab wounds might be a coincidence. The extra two took it over the top.
Santa finally brought your book, and I read it in basically one sitting. It was fascinating, and had some great imagery (Mary Pickford wielding a .45?). I highly recommend it.
This is a totally unsolicited endorsement. (But if you want to put that on the cover and send me a check, be my guest.)

Pat Downey said...

Glad you like the book. Thank you for posting. And yes, any stabbings over twenty denotes that their may be issues at play.