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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Meet John Doe

Four score and five years ago this very day in New York City three fellers sat in a sedan. Passing pedestrians paid them no mind until three shots rang out then all eyes turned to the car as two men jumped out and high tailed it away. Left inside was a man with two bullets in his person.

Cops arrived on the scene and found that the man was still alive. He was rushed to the hospital where he gave the name John Doe. He said no more and passed out of this life. Since he refused to talk, the police were forced to turn to his finger prints. Never ones to withstand a police interrogation, the prints had absolutely no trouble divulging his true identity.

According to the ink-stained digits, the deceased was forty year old Nate Gordon, a life long criminal with a record spanning back to 1905. During his midnight rambler phase he was arrested for grand larceny and sent to Elmira. Periodic arrest and prison terms followed over the following quarter century. But why he was killed, his fingers remained mum on that.

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